Your Guiding Light

Storyteller. Purpose Crusader. Legacy Builder

Javon A. Frazier is a best-selling author, speaker, and advocate. She is the founder of Heavenly Jewels Alliance, a partnership for victims and survivors of sexual abuse as well as Shine the Movement!

​​Helping you shine despite the darkness of your past!

" I believe every person is a rare jewel, created with a special quality- or as I like to call it, sparkle.  By visiting my world,  it is clear that you on the road to discover your inner sparkle and let it SHINE!  

What's my sparkle? Well I'm glad you asked! I help others shine bright, despite the darkness of their past! Your past does not define or restrict you and other people's opinion does NOT have to be your reality. Now, with that being said, it is not my job to convince you that you shine, or that you can overcome, or that you deserve the best. It's not my job to make you work on your self-esteem, your mentality, your spirituality, your finances, or any other area of your life. No one has that power but you. My job is to show you a better way, to offer you a solution, to guide and support you on your journey. Your job is to take the first step. 

​Whether it's through my books, events, or live videos, I will be with you every step of the way; and the best part is that I am not coming alone. I have a tribe of resources- others who have discovered their inner sparkle and are committed to providing you with resources to do the same! Are you ready to shine?